Blockchain - Innovation or Illusion?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this production?

My name is Adam R. Smith. I'm a software engineer by trade and have been involved in Information Technology since before the Internet. I'm nobody famous. I've been a contract programmer for decades, designing software that's been all over the place from e-commerce systems to large scale databases, for both government and private enterprises.

My specialty has been "emerging markets." I take great interest in anything new. I was involved in the early days of the PC. I was involved in the early days of telecommunication and BBSes. I was involved in the early days of the Internet. I was involved in the early days of mobile apps. I've always had an appetite for new tech and what it can promise. And when I heard of Bitcoin and blockchain, I looked into that as well. Some technologies I found had promise, and some didn't.

As an independent contractor for much of my career (aside from starting several of my own ventures) I've always been a "buck stops here"-type guy. Meaning if I'm called in on a job, it's not about how much time I can bill, but whether I can complete the job to the satisfaction of the client. As such, I have always been careful about making sure whatever job I'm doing; whatever technology I'm using, can accomplish the objectives wanted. If a client wanted a system but it was using a technology I didn't feel was capable, I would either suggest using different technology or refuse to take on the job. As such, my focus has always been: "Does this tech do what it promises?"

Why did you make this film?

This film basically came about by accident. I have very little experience in the field of filmmaking. But I started to see a lot of friends and associates get all excited about the crypto industry (and subsequently they all ended up losing money). I have been aware of bitcoin and blockchain since the beginning - I dabbled a bit with it in the early days and didn't see much potential. Was I wrong about it? After seeing so many friends get into it, I decided to revisit the tech and take a deeper look.

What I discovered was, at some point shocking, but not for the obvious reasons. There's so much deception and misinformation in this field -- much of it being perpetrated by mainstream, so-called journalistic media, that I was compelled to help educate others. I became active on various technical social media platforms. I engaged in debate and discussion with many in the crypto industry. Ultimately what ended up happening was I was banned from many crypto social media communities. It seems they aren't interested in debate. You're either on-board with them or you're considered an enemy. I found this really odd for a tech that was supposed to "change the world" that it couldn't entertain, honest, open debate.

I eventually found some communities that were more open to criticism and investigation, including the meme subreddit, /r/buttcoin. I eventually became a moderator of the community, and later founded another subreddit, /r/CryptoReality, dedicated to dissemination of objective/skepitcal news and analysis of the crypto industry.

This film is the culmination of many years of discussion and debate. Virtually every argument that has been made, I've heard and have a response for. Myself and others in the community have taken deep dives into all the claims of how blockchain works and what it can do. This film is the result of years of work, and leaves no stone un-turned.

In short, I made this film because it needed to be made. Someone has to tell the truth about this tech. There has not been enough honesty seeing the light of day in the media.

What is your position on crypto?

Watch the film and find out. But note that my position on crypto is not based on emotion. I don't "hate" or "love" any aspect of it. I simply look at the evidence and see where it leads. If I have an aversion to anything, it's deception and there's a lot of that in this marketplace.

If someone thinks any aspect of the film is inaccurate, what can they do?

PLEASE let me know. I am only interested in the truth, not a particular narrative. As such, I do my best to document all claims, opinions and arguments. If anybody can prove something is clearly false, provide me the evidence and I'll issue an update or retraction, but note that the content of this film is not arbitrary -- it's the result of years of debate. Usually when someone says I'm wrong about something, when asked to provide evidence why and how, they exit the debate and stoop to name calling and attacking the messenger.

This is one of the reasons I'm not pictured in the film. It's not about me. I'm not asking anybody to believe what I'm saying, or leverage my professional reputation.

I'm not interested in becoming a pundit or influencer. This production is not about "me." I am simply a conduit, providing logic, reason and evidence and I want the data to stand out first and foremost.

Are you available for debates and interviews?

Absolutely. Please use the contact link to reach out.

Your web site and movie doesn't look all that fancy. Why is that?

I'm a software engineer. I'm not a UI guy. I know just enough to do basic coding and lay out information. Likewise, I know just enough about video production and editing to piece together the core ideas -- I don't expect this documentary to be up to modern standards of cinematography and I apologize for that. But I think the CONTENT, the core information contined therein, is solid and worth paying attention to. I hope you will forgive the other deficiencies. (With that being said, I'm also open to collaborating with others to make higher quality content)

- Sincerely,

Adam R. Smith, producer, narrator, editor.

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